108 Baby!


lisa108I officially finished my 108th class on June 20 at 7:00ish PM.  I exceeded my goal of 6 months.  (OK, only by a week, but exceeding is exceeding).  During this journey I’ve become stronger in body and mind, and physically I’m able to do things I never thought I’d be able to do at my age of an almost ripe old 50.  I’ve done my first, but not last swing class, mastered tripod and even managed to get my feet up into headstand once, with many more to come (hopefully).

If anyone had asked me two years ago when I started on my yoga journey if I would do 108 classes in less than six months I would have had a good laugh and a big shake of the head NO, yet here I am with many more exciting classes and poses ahead of me to learn.

This journey never would have happened without the help of my wonderful torturers, er, teachers – Nicole, Channing, Sierra, Alma, Kelly, Denis and Deb and my wonderful new yoga family, Betty, John, Dene, Janna, Jenifer, Michaela, Kimi, Kristin, Heather, Doug and the rest (you know who you are). I would have never made it this far without my wonderful yoga family.  They are an inspiration to me every day.

It’s been a great couple of years with my Pink Lotus family and I look forward to many more.

-Lisa Peterson, 108 Finisher

My First Time…in Swing Yoga Class


I’d always thought about trying swing yoga, it looked like fun and I’ve always Imagebeen something of a risk taker.  However, in this case swinging inched from the floor with my head as the only thing to catch me kind of freaked me out.  

I’d talked and talked about how I was going to do it, but finally, with the persuasion of Becky and Channing, I walked into the swing room and put my mat under one of the brightly colored swings.The first couple of poses after we stretched were scary… I had to keep coming out of them, but Nicole and Becky put me right back in.  By the end of class, I was swinging, doing upside-down sit-ups, backbends and Baddha Konasanas. I love yoga and this new experience taught me to trust my wild side and just go for it.  I’ll be back many more times for swing yoga, and I know that as I progress it will make me even stronger and more confident.

– Lisa Peterson

108 Challenge – A Wonderful Journey


The 108 Challenge has been a wonderful and innovative idea by Pink Lotus. Truly an amazing way to enhance the skills of a new yogi, teaching a way to stay focused – Rise to a challenge, take up a challenge – Discipline of mind and body- a real essence of Yoga.

ImagePin Lotus Yoga Center’s 108 Challenge has been my personal challenge and I feel proud to be the first among other amazing yogis to have completed this task in 96 days.

I was able to stay focused and complete the challenge only because I was surrounded by positive and inspirational people. I promised myself that this year will be my year for personal change. Stepping out of my comfort zone does not sit well with me anytime. But my mantra this time was “Get comfortable with the uncomfortable, it means growing.” The 108 Challenge came at the right time; January 01, 2014. This challenge, for me, was a commitment to myself; it was not a race nor a competition, but a SELF COMMITMENT TO BE REGULAR WITH MY YOGA PRACTICE.

When I come to my mat, I know that it is the one place in the world where the only person I need to take care of is ME. This is a space where I always feel welcome and inspired. When I am in a class I am more willing to try something new and know that it is okay to not be perfect at it. As Nicole, one of the best yoga teachers and Pink Lotus owner, says “If you rocked it let it go, if it is opposite let it go too.” Slowly, this has also trickled into my life outside of yoga. Now without fail, I leave every class feeling Imagebetter and ready to take on the world. This is truly due to all of the wonderful teachers; their kind and caring demeanors makes all the difference in the world. I have learned so much and gained wisdom and insight from all of the teachers. I have never felt better about the direction my life is taking  and I know yoga is responsible for giving me the
power to feel this positivity in my life. I feel stronger and more confident on the mat, not to mention more relaxed. There is also no judgment within the four walls of the studio and that makes one want to find the time to make it to the mat. Yoga, and all Pink Lotus teachers have changed me. I am so much stronger than I thought I could be. My flexibility has improved; I have learned to breathe through difficult situations. I am very thankful that I found Pink Lotus. I am also thankful that my body is starting to feel noticeably better and that I feel a sense of calmness and peace after a class that takes me through my day. My family has also noticed it and are happy that I am doing “something” for myself. Lastly, I enjoy going to class and seeing how far I can push myself.

Many thanks for this innovative 108 Challenge, looking forward to many more workshops like this and eager to make my practice even more regular and valuable.

Peace to all, love to all


Rubina Gudimani

Exactly as it is…


Imagine a place where all are welcome; an atmosphere that is light and positive, and the sole purpose of that place is to improve your life. This is Pink Lotus Yoga Center. I have had the immense pleasure to be one of the yogis to watch this venue flourish from the beginning. The instructors are like family; pushing where needed; comforting, and motivating. Their teachings stay with the students long after class has ended. 

The classes offer students, like myself, knowledge on how to: deal with stress and conflict, be compassionate towards all (even the difficult oneself and adversaries), and appreciate even the smallest of things. The classes are warm, inviting, and encouraging. I love the mix of people: young and old, various ethnicities and religions, all coming together to learn on this voyage of yoga. A benefit of the asanas (poses) is strength, flexibility, and a new appreciation of the things your body can do, and to be grateful for each and every change. 

The most important things I have gained on my yogic journey are the tools that transfer off of the mat. Dealing with life’s stresses effectively, so that I am an even better mom, wife, coworker, and human. Yoga teaches us to appreciate this moment; exactly as it is.


-Pamela Baker

Sharing Yoga with my Daughter


I started taking yoga at Pink Lotus because the swing yoga classes sounded new and fun. Walking into the studio felt like coming home and I quickly learned Pink Lotus is a community of loving, welcoming yogis. Every teacher has an amazing way of helping you love and  accept yourself exactly as you Imageare, and exactly where you are in your practice while still encouraging you to challenge yourself. The fellow students are always warm and friendly. Because of the sense of community and welcoming love it didn’t take long for me to feel excited about bringing my daughter to Kids Yoga or joining her in Family Yoga. I trust the teachers at Pink Lotus to not only show my daughter safe and fun yoga poses, and to make yoga and exercise fun, but I also know they show her that she is beautiful, perfect just as she is, and full of limitless potential. Yoga has now become a fun everyday at home activity between me and my daughter.

-Melody Lown