For several years my sisters-in-law both talked about how much they loved yoga, and all about the health benefits, and how I should try it.


I always pushed the thought away as something I would never do. I always thought, “Yoga-smoga.”

Then, a couple years ago, a friend and I bought a Groupon for a month at Pink Lotus.That’s one of those weird, cult-like things that those crunchy, granola eating, baggy harem pants, turban wearing hippies do.  “You’ll never see me in a yoga studio.

 “Ok,” I thought, “I’m into the hard core world of spin; I can handle a few classes.

A few classes turned into a few classes a month…then a few classes a week…now I’m doing a couple in a day some days.

I fell in love with Yoga, Pink Lotus and Nicole.

As I got further into my practice, I met more wonderful people and fell in love with the teaching of several more of the people at Pink Lotus.  I found that I could pretzel my body into positions I never thought I’d get into in my life.

This past couple years with my new yoga family has been awe inspiring and has given me a new way of looking at life.

I look forward to many more years doing yoga with my Pink Lotus family.

– Lisa Peterson


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